“The Blast”

I was determined to inject some fun and creativity into our team meetings in 2016.

Usually these meetings are a mix of corporate updates from management, a brief roundtable discussion of key learnings and successes, and sometimes a guest speaker from another department. Sound familiar?

Most of us lead such busy lives, tackling our endless to-do lists during the work day, which means there’s rarely ever any time for anything else. However, it’s important to keep those creative juices flowing and seek inspiration outside of your immediate work.

In January, I introduced the “10 Minute Innovation Blast” at our first team meeting of the year. The idea is this – the meeting leader is asked to prepare something that he/she thinks will help increase the team’s productivity, creativity, or inspire innovation. For example, I introduced the app Trello, which I use religiously to organize my personal and professional life. My goal for the “blast” was to help increase the team’s productivity. In February, another team member showcased a few Superbowl ads and led a discussion on how it relates to the type of marketing work we do – to inspire innovation.


The feedback received has been positive and the team seems to embrace this new creative infusion. I highly recommend implementing this in your own team meetings, even on a trial basis.

Here are some ideas for what the “blast” can be:

  • Showcase an innovative ad campaign
  • Introduce a useful app
  • Lead a writing activity

The possibilities are endless. Ideally, you want to be able to relate the “blast” to what you do, whether you’re in PR, marketing, client service, etc.

Help you and your team be betterpersonally and professionally.


Be better,


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