Life lessons


Do you ever reflect back on the year that just passed and think about what life lessons you’ve learned? What obstacles did you encounter and what steps have you taken (or are you taking) to overcome them? How much do you actually remember?

We often acknowledge in the moment that there’s a lesson to be learned and that we should do something about it, but as we go on with our busy lives – we forget. People forget. For this reason, I started a “Life Lessons Diary” – to remind myself of these experiences and to hold myself accountable to take the necessary steps towards further self-improvement.

To record each of these life lessons, I capture the following information:

  • The date – when did the event take place?
  • Title – a short description of the event.
  • Afterthoughts/takeaways – what did you learn from the experience?
  • Resolution – did you take any steps to correct the situation?
  • Action items – what steps will you take moving forward toward self-improvement?

Remember – the key is to document your experiences soon after they occur. This helps ensure that the information you capture is timely, clear, and accurate.


Be better,


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