I quit sugar


Say what? Who would be crazy enough to quit sugar?

About a year ago, I had trouble waking up in the mornings, experienced major afternoon slumps, and felt complete blah about my body overall. I was eating my whole grains, veggies, and proteins, and got at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep. I couldn’t figure out why I felt the way I did. One day, while browsing in Indigo, I happened upon a book with a very prominent title that stopped me in my tracks:


I picked it up and flipped through the contents. I was hooked by its key messages, the attractive page layouts, and the delicious looking recipes that didn’t call for 10 different ingredients.

I Quit Sugar” was written by Sarah Wilson, who’s sugar-free journey started as a New Year’s experiment and turned into a life long commitment. She lays out an easy to follow 8-week detox program with recipes and tips on how to cut sugar (specifically fructose) out of your diet. I liked how the program allows you to ease into cutting out sugar – you aren’t expected to go cold turkey from day 1!

I followed her program and as expected, I felt like crap for the first couple weeks. My body was adjusting to the detox and I was craving simple foods like fruit. By the second week, I started to get into the swing of things and felt better.

After the full 8 weeks, I experienced the following:

  • I no longer needed to depend on my alarm to wake up for work. I woke up naturally with even less sleep than before the detox.
  • I no longer experience those awful afternoon slumps. My productivity was up and my mood was improved.
  • Preparing my meals without sugar became an easy task. I could refuse sweets without feeling like I missed out.
  • My tummy area shrunk (a result that is expected once you cut out sugar).

Keep in mind that you’re not being asked to cut out sugar forever. The purpose of the detox is to allow your body to break the sugar addiction and recalibrate to its original natural state – our bodies are designed to eat only 6-9 tsp of sugar a day.

Here’s a Chia Pudding recipe that I still use to this day. Some days I keep it completely sugar-free (no fresh/dried fruits) and some days I’ll add goji berries like I did in the following video. While on the detox, you’ll want to keep it sugar-free:

I highly recommend the I Quit Sugar 8-week detox if you’re looking to gain more energy and be healthier overall. Weight loss can also be experienced after the program.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers a more community driven and interactive process to detoxing to keep you motivated, you can sign up for the I Quit Sugar program as an alternative to reading the book.


Be better,



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